How to Text a Girl You Like

By: Frankie Cola

In this modern world of iphones, our “text game” is intrinsic to
the “communication with women” part of our dating lives. Because
of this, it is important to have an idea of how to text a girl you like.

After spending a lot of time learning how girls think, learning a bit
of psychology, and doing lots and lots of tests, I’ve found some
TOOLS that allow you to escalate a text conversation towards
getting a girl you like out on a date.

These are the tools that I often use to escalate a conversation
and create ATTRACTION with a woman.

In this site, I will narrow down the KEY components of your text
game that you have to lock down and master if you want to
ATTRACTIVELY communicate with women. I’m talking the type
of attractive texting that will get more girls liking you and wanting
to go out with you.

Sending The First Text

The very first text is important in that it’s your FIRST impression,
and many times, one chance is all you get.

If you want to create ATTRACTION, you first have to trigger a girl’s
emotions. You text her, she reads your text, and then she laughs, giggles,
gets curious, or even gets surprised.

It’s ok if the first text doesn’t get a girl to reply, in fact, it’s
typical. The only purpose of your first text is to trigger a strong
emotion that gets you “in her radar.”

Take a look at the wheel of emotions in this page and you’ll see
how many possible emotions exist. Use it as a guide to figure out
how to “target” those emotions.
(what to text a girl for the first time and how to trigger her emotions)

How to Find Flirting Opportunities

Think of flirting as a “character” you get into that emphasizes the interaction
between you and a girl. It may highlight the masculine/feminine polarity
of you two or it can involve you teasing her in a playful way.

It is very subtle. In fact, to the outsider, the communication between you
two might not make any sense at all.

Underneath it all, you and the girl are really dancing.

Women often subconsciously “test you” to see if you’re “congruent”
or to see if you “have a spine.” In other words, they see if you give
her compliance. These compliance tests are a perfect opportunity for
flirting and you’ll learn how to do that in this article on how to flirt with a girl via text.

Creating Attraction With Fun Text Conversations

If the goal is for you to create attraction, you should now be
thinking of ways to do this within a text conversation. I found
one technique to make things interesting. It’s sort of like getting into
a “role playing” game.

When your texts are fun, meaning, they make her laugh and excited
to talk to you, then you truly know how to text a girl you like.
(read more on how to start fun text conversations with a girl)

The Concept of Compliance – How to Lead

You’ve probably heard me talk about how women throw “tests” at you.

Well you can actually use her tests to your advantage by flipping
them around and in the process, you’ll portray a masculine personality
and character.

Your goal is to obtain compliance, or “yes momentum”, from her,
not the other way around. Be prepared to be tested to see if you give
her this compliance.

Remember, every time you dodge one of her tests, it is an opportunity
to create attraction.
(how to create attraction by obtaining “yes momentum”)

3 Fun Things to Text a Girl (That Make Her Laugh or Smile)

Making a girl smile is a sure-fire way to spark her emotions
and get her thinking about you.

If you do this correctly, she will want to meet up with you…

…and she will want you to make her feel the same way in person.

With this mindset, it is extremely effective to spark a girl’s
emotions BEFORE you ask her out.

Read this article with 3 things to text a girl to make her smile

“Pulling the Trigger” and Asking Her Out

The final step in your “text-game” is to convince the girl
you like to go out in person with you.

…because that is your ultimate goal, right?

You want to get her face-to-face with you, so that you
can vibe with her.

You will then interact with her in such a fun way
that the night will inevitably lead to physical escalation.

…but to make all the juicy parts happen, you MUST
successfully ask her out.

That’s why the main purpose of this article is to show
you exactly how to do that.

First you will learn typical mistakes, you might be making,
when asking a girl out..

…and then you will learn 3 example ways to ask her out over text that WORK.

How to Escalate Into Sexting

Most guys have a lot of trouble with sexting simply because they
don’t understand how a girl thinks. The good news is that I created
a free email mini-course that shows you ways that you can
actually make a girl horny over text. It’s easier than you think, and
I believe anyone can do it once they learn the skills.
(read this article to learn one skill that I teach in the mini-course)