How to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text

If you are wondering how to get a girl to like you over text,
this article will reveal a concept you might have never heard

It has taken me a while to figure this out. When you spend
years texting beautiful women and learning this stuff, you
start to get a “feel” for the dynamics of text interactions,
and that’s when I started to “get it.”

When you text a girl, your goal should be to create attraction,
and to get her out in a face-to-face meeting. Simple as that.
However, it’s not easy. When you are escalating the interaction,
you oftentimes encounter roadblocks that a girl provides for you.

One of the ways women test you is in the way of a compliance test.

Compliance and Yes Momentum

One concept that is very effective in an interaction
with a woman is the idea of compliance. When a person
has agreed to something, it is more likely that they’ll
agree to something again. Similarly, once a girl has
invested emotionally, she doesn’t want to ruin the vibe
by saying no.

Conversely, girls often throw out compliance tests to
you. It is easy for us guys to get sucked into a girl’s
“yes momentum.” If you go full speed ahead without
reacting to these tests, you create attraction.

Once you’ve learned to dodge these tests, you’ll be
actively looking for them because you want to dodge them
and create attraction!

Before you handle the habit of “creating attraction”, you
first have to “weed out” the habits that kill a girl’s
attraction for you.

The “7 Deadly Texting Mistakes” report reveals common
texting blunders that kill this attraction.

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Getting Swept By Yes Momentum

It is easy to get into the habit of seeking approval from a woman.
You fall into her “current of yes momentum” and fail her compliance
tests. It is important to identify these situations so that you stop
yourself in advance. This self-correction leads to positive results.

Ways You Might Be Seeking Her Approval (Sometimes Without Being Aware Of It)

– Whenever a woman says I like this movie or show and you immediately
agree without thinking about it, you are trapped within her yes momentum.

– When you’re trying to steer the interaction towards a
date or topic and she asks you a “bait question” to see if you
bite and change the subject, then you’ve fallen into her frame
and blocked your own escalation.

Here’s an example:
[Picture message of venison meat from the market]
Text:Just got done hunting our dinner..anything else
you need me to get?

Girl: Eh not really a deer kinda girl 😛

Girl: What market was it?

Guy: It’ll be a romantic tragic dinner..
lady and the tramp with a spark of bambi’s mom 😉

Girl: Lovely seasoned with bambis tears lol

What was her compliance test here?
It was the question she asked about the market.

If I answered it, it would open a conversation
thread that digresses from what I was trying to do.

My escalation would have lost momentum. Instead,
I ignored that question and continued painting
the story. I continued the roleplay and she played

How to Turn Yes Momentum in YOUR Favor

For those of us who know what it feels like to get swept away
by “yes momentum,” you can imagine how powerful it can be if
YOU were able to turn the tables and get a girl to agree with
all your likes and interests…

…especially if you could “spin” that “yes momentum” into a date!
(Insert Dr. Evil laugh)

Here’s a great text that suggests a date activity while
creating some “yes momentum”:

“Do you like bowling*? (Please say yes)”

*^ Substitute YOUR preferred date activity.

Whenever You Have an Interaction With a Girl, Ask Yourself These Questions

1. Are you actively aiming to get her out, or some form of escalation?
2. If you are escalating, is she throwing out compliance tests?
3. Are you creating a type of compliance ladder for her to follow?
4. Are you the one qualifying her?
5. Is she the one qualifying you?

You can judge the interaction you have based on the answer to these

If you want to know how to get a girl to like you over text, the answer is
simple – create more compliance from HER and eliminate bad habits
where you subconsciously seek approval by giving her YOUR compliance.

Eliminating bad habits (such as letting her lead) is the best way to
improve your text game.

I recommend that you read the “7 Deadly Texting Mistakes” report
to get a good feel for these bad habits. Download it here.

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