Sexting Examples

A text interaction with a girl will often escalate to
a fun sexting exchange. Sometimes you run out of
things to say, so you look for sexting examples.

The example sexting texts in this article will give you
a “hint” of what to say next in your interaction. Not only
that, but I’ve created “sexting templates” that allow
you to create your own sexts from the template.

The templates are laid out in my “sexting cheat sheet”
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In this article, you’ll learn 3 of these templates that
will help you come up with sexting examples to turn your
girl on.

Sexting Escalation with Plausible Deniability (PD)

Plausible deniability embedded in sexting is an art. It is
saying something that has a normal “innocent” meaning, but
at the same time can have a double “sexual” meaning.

The point of PD is that you embed sexuality within your
texts in a way that lets you “get away with it.”

For instance, an innuendo (a word that can have a double meaning)
is a great example of plausible deniability.

How to Use it

Don’t expect anything to always work, PD gives you the ability to
insert “bait” into your conversation to see if a woman “bites”-
you are setting “tiny hooks” for her to grab. Your goal is to
escalate the interaction into high energy, and then to insert
those mini-hooks as a spice to attempt to escalate.

Here are 3 ways to use PD within a conversation.

Examples of Sexting Texts With PD

PD Templates you can use.

1. Innuendo

The common innuendo is easy to use because it’s short and easy
to express.

Here are some sexting examples where you can use innuendo.

For example, if she says “I’ll think about it” and you respond with
“think about it long and hard ;)” – then you are going along with
what she said and telling her to try hard to think about it.

If you are in the middle of teasing her, and you say, “I’m just
giving you a hard time ;)”, then it is more obvious you are referring
to the teasing, but you still “planted the seed.”

She can be talking about how “the exam was so hard…”
and you can sympathize with “I’m sorry it was so hard ;)”

See what I mean? Here are more examples:

A list of words with double meanings:
– that’s big of you (big as in important)
– the test is so hard (very difficult)
– go down (to a place)
– come down here (to this place)
– new direction (sounds like nude erection)
– getting wet (cause it’s raining)
– giving you a hard time (teasing you)
– eating out (out to Dennys of course)

Innuendos are easy to use, which means they can also be
cheesy if you overuse it. That is why It is better, at first,
to go “light.” That means using innocent words that give you PD.

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2. Quotes or Third Person

Using “quotes” is a sneaky way for you to state something sexual
by quoting another person or character. In essence, you’re speaking
in third person so you aren’t the one that “said it,” and that’s why
it gives you PD.

A girl reading those words will still be affected by them in her
mind regardless of whether or not YOU are the one with the “intentions”
behind the words.

For example, if a girl is talking about a guy hitting on her,
you can “relate”:

I know what you mean, I know a guy that looked at a girl and said,
“I’d like to eat your pussy….all night long….then fuck your
brains out at dawn.” I mean I wonder if he really expected her to
picture that..and want to act on it.


I know what you mean, guys forget that by saying to a woman
“How would if feel if I gently bit the inside of your thighs and
dragged my warm tongue slowly up to push in between your beautiful, pink…” will turn her on just as much as if I actually said “…lips”

3. Deny Playfully

For example, she might mention that she just took a shower.
You can then say,

“I would never picture you.. just out of the shower.. lying in
bed…never ever..”

General Template: “I would never think about [she doing this], while
[add more adjectives] – never ever…

Use these sexting examples to escalate the interaction with a girl.

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