Things to Text a Girl to Make Her Smile

If you are texting a girl you like, you are probably looking for
things to text a girl to make her smile.

My name is Frankie Cola, and I’ve sent thousands of texts to women
to test out what “works” and what doesn’t.

Purpose: Triggering Her Emotions

Think about the girl’s experience. Her world (our world) is filled
with things that catch our attention: Advertisements, school, work,
people texting us, emails to read, funny facebook memes to laugh at,
funny cat videos to smile at.

That means that our attention is limited and we can only make time
for those things that are highest priority.

Remember this: Emotions = Attention

That’s why the most important thing you need to know is that the
purpose you have in ANY text interaction with a woman is to trigger
her emotions and get her to respond.

With this in mind, aim to trigger a girl’s emotions..

Make her laugh, make her smile, or make her curious.
These are all possible emotions you can trigger in a woman to catch
her attention.

A common texting mistake guys make with women is being boring. They
send out boring things like “hey”, “what’s up”, “how are you” that
typically bore (or even annoy) women.

To get a girl smiling or laughing, and eventually getting her out
on a date, you need to be FUN. That is, show a spark of your personality
through text.

In fact, “not being fun over text” is one of these 7 Dangerous Texting Mistakes
you must avoid.

Texts to Make Her Smile

When you spark a girl’s emotions, you also catch her attention and
get her responding to you. This is what you want to achieve on the
first things you text a girl.

You’ve probably sent a girl a text before where she responded almost
immediately. The way you do this is by sending something funny, interesting,
or bizarre.

Here are some examples.

1. Make Me Think of You.

“Saw an eagle fighting a shark today, made me think of you”

This obviously goes under the bizarre category, but it gets her
curiousity sparked by wondering what you really did see or what it
means if it made you think of her.

2. The Epic Pancake

“Just ate a pancake that must have been crafted by the hand of
ZEUS… delicious”

“hope you had a divine morning as well ;)”

Not only do you exaggerate your “divine pancake” experience, which
is funny, you also connect with her by saying you hope she is having
a similar “epic morning” as well.

3. The Hook

Haha…is it true?

One of favorite things to text a girl. This is a silly text that
cleverly makes her curious (as if you heard something about her).
Don’t be surprised if she responds right away with “What?” or even
“what are you talking about?”

After she responds, make up something funny or ridiculous about her.

“I heard you ran away to join the circus to pursue your dream of
cleaning elephant poop, I’m so happy for you!” ***

*** Customize it to HER personality.

By the way, if you say “haha is it true?” and she immediately replies
with “yes!”, keep playing along with her – that’s when you know it’s ON!

These things to text a girl to make her smile will get you past your
first goal: getting a response.

After that, keep the fun vibe going for a couple more texts, then
pull the trigger, and go for a meet up.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you want more texts that make her
laugh or make her smile, subscribe to my free texting mini-course.

It’s jam packed with word-for-word texting examples that trigger her
emotions and create enough attraction to make her go out with you.

Make it happen!


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