What to do When a Girl Doesn’t Text Back

You’ve probably been in a situation where a girl stops responding. Knowing what to do
when a girl doesn’t text back can be the difference in getting a girl out on a date.

Has this ever happened to you?

There’s this girl you’ve been connecting with lately..and you really, really like her.
Maybe you get into long text conversations and she laughs at your jokes.. tells you
about her favorite movies, and you two make a “connection”. After every text that goes
by, you feel that she’s getting closer and closer to liking you. So you start imagining what
it’ll be like to take her out on a date, kiss her, and what it would feel like to have
her as your gf.

All of a sudden, you are texting, and the girl doesn’t text you back. You text her
again a couple days later, and she replies, BUT she’s not as enthusiastic as before.
Did I say something wrong? Did she lose interest? Did she find someone else?

The problem is the fact that you might have revealed too much in your conversations.
See, when you spend a lot of time texting a girl, and not getting her out on a date,
she starts seeing you more as a text-buddy rather than a potential lover or boyfriend.

The purpose of texting with girls is to eventually get them out, and then have
those conversations in person. Many guys avoid proposing the meet-up, because it feels
so much easier to have a conversation via text. Why? – because you don’t have to go through the risk of asking her out.

Yet time and time again, doing what feels right doesn’t get you the result that
you want. You have to do courage in order to do what is right and not what
feels right.

To improve your game, not only do you have to learn what to do when a girl doesn’t text back, but you must stop other “bad texting habits,”  like having long text conversations.

Whatever you do, don’t send another text until you read the
7 deadly texting mistakes ebook.

What To Do if a Girl Doesn’t Text Back


1. Don’t worry and pretend like nothing happened
When a woman doesn’t text you back, it can mean many things. Relax and assume the positivity. Most likely nothing really happened, except the anxiety created by your mind.
Feeling angry or sad as a result of a girl not responding to a text can carry on to a
future interaction.. like the next time you text her or even if you see her in person.
If you have hurt feelings, bury them. Getting angry or whiney is the sure-fire way to push her away.

2. Wait a couple of days before texting her again.
If she doesn’t reply to your 2nd text, wait a week before sending out another text.
If that doesn’t work either, go to step 3. If she does reply, make sure to have a purpose.
Your purpose is usually to get her out. So plan to propose a get-together with her in that
text exchange.

3. If a girl has truly gone cold on you, then it’s time to try something crazy
like a text that makes her very curious. I provide 3 of my favorite “hook” texts in the
“girl doesn’t text back cheat sheet.” Get it HERE.

When a girl doesn’t text back, you might feel anger, or an emptiness in your stomach.
The most important thing is to not let it faze you. Relax and understand that it might not be your fault, and carefully plan your next move.

Now it’s time to create a texting game-plan. The first thing you need to do is
learn the 7 texting mistakes (click here to get the free report)

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