What to Text a Girl You Just Met

When you’re thinking about what to text a girl you just met, it is
CRITICAL that you understand her experience.

Think about our day-to-day existence. Facebook messages, IM chats,
texts, phone calls, Skype, Twitter, Plenty of Fish.. – these all
compete for her attention one way or another. She swims in an
attention-deficit world.

So when you want to communicate with a beautiful girl with the desire
of making a meaningful connection, the first text HAS to make an
emotional impact.

Imagine a time when you texted a girl and she suddenly stopped
responding to your texts. How did you feel? You probably felt a
sense of suspense. And I bet you constantly checked your phone for
a reply from her.

How about a time you got in an argument with a friend. You felt angry
and that emotion made you think about it more.

Whether you felt suspense, or anger, those emotions occupied your
mind for that whole day. The fact that emotions grab the attention
of your mind is the essence of targeting emotions that I want to
teach you.

The wheel of emotions

possible emotions to target when you text a girl you just met
The emotion wheel above spans the gamut of the variety of emotions
we may experience.

If your message doesn’t stir some sort of emotion in her, it’s
going to get lost in the shuffle (and so are you)

Not eliciting her emotions is one of the texting mistakes listed in the
7 Deadly Texting Mistakes report. (Download it here)

Example Texts that Elicit Emotions:

You meet a girl, and now you’re thinking about a possible first
text to send her.

Your goal is to create emotions within her. Flirting and teasing
are an excellent way to do it.


Texting her something like,
“lol, is it true?”
will instantly make her curious.

She will probably give you a quick reply like “what?” or “?”.

If you now wait an hour to tell her, she will be in deep suspense
wanting to know what you are hiding from her.

You text her:
I heard you ran off to become a bollywood actress, and are now
starring in a kung fu movie.. incredible…

This is a perfect text to send if you want to turn the situation
into play-time. Once she starts playing along, you’re in.

Connection and Rapport.
The above text should be customized towards something about her.
For example, if she works at McDonalds, tell her:

“I heard you won employee of the month and they awarded you a free
happy meal. Congrats”

Or *connect with her* by mentioning something you two engaged on
when you met.

Think about the experience you had with her. If she gave you her
number, she probably likes you somewhat. Remember how you two
interacted. Your first text should remind her of the fun you two

Maybe you two were at a same location, or there was a flirty theme
to the conversation you two had. Remind her of that.

When you confidently know what to text a girl you just met, and
you “get it” you start to develop a “text game” style.

Now, the best way to instantly improve your text game is to eliminate
bad texting. After you read this eBook, you will be more conscious of
texting mistakes you are (accidentally) making that ruin your chances
with a girl. Download the 7 Deadly Mistakes eBook Here.

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