Asking a Girl Out Over Text

If you’re asking a girl out over text, it’s important to know the
3 critical mistakes guys usually make.

1. They get into long conversations that bore her (or even annoy her)
with logical, dry, unoriginal texts.

2. They catch her attention, but then keep texting her without
the purpose of getting her out, until her attraction fades away..
You like this girl and probably want to “get to know her”

3. Or spending months texting her without making a move, usually
ending up in the friendzone

Here’s a real and unfortunate fact:
When a girl gives you her number, you have a small “window of opportunity”
to make a move.

That means turning that number into a date – or anything gets you into
a face to face interaction with the woman.

With every day that goes by without asking her out, your chances of
making her your girlfriend or lover diminish.

That’s why waiting too long to ask her out is one of the 7 Dangerous Texting Mistakes that ruin your chances with a girl.

After you get a girl out via text, the next step comes in person.
THIS is when you get to know her.

So after you send a couple texts that get you on her mind by getting
her chuckling or smiling, the following texts should aim towards a

This is the part where most men mess up.

See, there’s a little voice in a girl’s head that says “if there is
CHEMISTRY and he was THE ONE, then it would have happened already.”

3 Example Ways to Ask Her Out Over Text

1. Know Any?

The purpose of this text is to suggest a date activity while lightly
teasing her.

For example,

“I feel like watching Star Wars and need a cute, nerdy girl to watch
it with.. know any? 😉 ”

2. “…over a glass of wine”

This is a neat little flirt you can do when a girl asks you about something
is to spin it into a date activity.

Let’s say she asks you something like
Girl: “watcha doing?”
You: “Doing some writing”
Girl: “Cool, about what?”
You: “About something I can only tell you about over a glass of wine.”

Or in general…

“Sounds like a good (conversation/discussion) over a glass of wine”

3. Yes Momentum

Yes momentum is *compliance*, which is one of the components that you
need in order to get a girl out. If you’ve heard of a “yes ladder,”
this is exactly the same thing.

Here’s a great text that proposes a date activity while creating some
“yes momentum”:

“Do you like bowling? (Please say yes)”

Or “Do you like (insert fun activity)? (please say yes)”

Substitute your preferred date activity.

The point of this text is by getting her to agree that she likes something.
Once you do, you’ve generated a bit of yes momentum and it’ll be more
likely she’ll agree to going out with you.

If you’re not asking a girl out over text, your window of opportunity
will close. She will rationalize it as “there is no chemistry” and
it will become much, much harder to get her out later.

Now it’s time for you to start creating attraction in women, consistently.
To do this, it is important that you first learn these 7 Dangerous Texting Mistakes
that kill attraction FAST.

Well that’s it for now. I recommend that you read my other articles on here,
and good luck to you!

– Frankie