How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

Most guys don’t know how to flirt with a girl over text.

What is flirting? Flirting is subtly saying “I like you, but I gota
know for sure”, without saying it directly.

This means giving her hints that you like her while teasing
her in the opposite direction.

You play the game to see if she “gets it” too.

Many times a girl will give you a “shit test” or “compliance test,”
to test your character. You can see this as an opportunity to flirt with her.

Let me repeat that.

Every “shit test” contains the seed of an equivalent flirting situation.

Once you pass a girl’s tests, it can potentially elicit emotions that create attraction in her.

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How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text Examples

Here are three examples of flirting situations you can use with a girl.

1. Reframe the situation to “she wants me.”

One of the best ways to flirt with a girl is to interpret
something she says as if she likes you.

If she posts a new picture of her all dolled up,
accuse her of getting dressed up for you

“sweetheart, you didn’t have to get dressed up for me :P”

Or if she ever says she is cleaning her room say to her
“sweety you didn’t have to clean your entire place just for me “

2.  If she asks you for a favor

Girls constantly give you “tests” and one way they do this is
by asking you for favors. For example, when a girl says
“go get me some ice cream haha,” most guys will give in.

He will immediately capture the opportunity to “gain her approval”
and quickly reply with “alright!”

One way to flip that test around towards her is by saying something

“ok…if you’re a good girl, clean your room, and eat your veggies..
then maybe I’ll take you for ice cream :-)”

See what I just did there? Now I’m the one that’s qualifying her
and giving her the conditions. Whenever a girl tests you, it opens
up TONS of flirting opportunities like this one, and that’s why
you should take those tests with stride.

Here’s another way to deal with that specific test:

Girl: get me some ice cream haha
You: Sure
You: after you give me a two-hour massage
Girl: lol what?!
You: and make me a sandwich 🙂

When I said “Sure”, it made her think I was complying with her like
the other guys that seek her approval, but I soon spun that around
and teased her it made her perception of you go from “just another chump”
to “who is this guy?”, amplifying the effect even more.

3. Disagreement Reframe

Many times, a girl will disagree with you or play “devil’s advocate”
to test your conviction or character. This is just a form of a
“compliance test”, to see if you change your opinions just to seek
her approval. This needy behavior often kills attraction FAST.

Since every “shit test” brings upon a flirting opportunity. This
is a PERFECT time for you to say something like

“you aren’t helping your chances of getting with me.. :P”
“Uh oh, we’re definitely not gona get along”

Once again, you are flipping the test around and playfully
qualifying her.

Now that you’ve learned a few techniques on how to flirt with a girl over text, it’s time
to “pimp” your text-game. Before you learn more flirting techniques, you must first eliminate the dangerous texting mistakes you might be making.

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