How to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl

You’re texting with a girl you like. She already gave
you her number, which is good news. If you know
how to start a text conversation with a girl, or if
you’ve read my other articles, you already know
that your goal is to create attraction by triggering
her emotions.

There are lots of ways to do it, but before you do
anything, you must eliminate all the texting
behaviors that are hurting you. So I recommend
that you read the “7 Deadly Texting Mistakes” report.

The Very First Step

Before sending out your texts, take a deep breath
and relax. Get into a playful mood – you don’t want
to suggest that you are getting serious way too fast.

If she feels you are being too serious, her alarm
bells will go off and she will LOSE attraction for you.

In addition, getting serious shows her that you are
done being the decider because you already
decided on her.

This means you don’t have any other options and
you stop being a CHALLENGE. Now SHE has all
the power and you LOSE!

Here are some examples of how to start a text
conversation with a girl in a way that introduces a
playful vibe into the conversation.

Example Ways to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl

One of the best ways to advance a text
conversation with a girl is to get into a role or

Especially if your role has a counter-role that the
woman can play. This “roleplay” leads to a fun
text exchange that you can use to get a girl out on
a date, or even turned on…

Here’s an example:

You: I need an opinion on something.
Girl: What?
You: I’m thinking about quitting my job and becoming a mime.
Girl: sounds like a promising career choice. You should
definitely go for it! Ha!
You: When you see me doing my thing on campus, would you put a Euro
in my hat?
Girl: Haha no. But maybe a dime. I don’t have euros.
You: But I’m the best.. I have an edge on all the other mimes out
there…. I talk.
Girl: I think that’s against the rules. Just sayin.
You: hmm, you must be one of those nice girls that never breaks the
rules and does everything properly..yep, just like I thought.
Girl: You caught me….
You: 🙂 You need to learn a few things.. I think ima take you with me to Paris where I will mime in the streets while you pick the pockets of onlooking tourists. After counting the money we can go run through fancy museums while being jacked up on red bull.
Girl: Hahaha you had me until red bull….

Notice how I start small asking her for a serious
opinion..then all of a sudden we are running
around museums in paris. You can totally lead this
conversation into something very exciting. If you
know what I mean 😉

Here’s another example:

You: Just got milk at the supermarket, anything else you need me to get??
She: haha what are you talking about?
You: will do, I’ll also get grapes, cheese, and wine for later
She: hahaha lol

This is perfect to experiment with a girl you barely
know. You are totally messing around, yet it keeps
her wondering if you’re being serious or not.

You can also make it a crazy adventure:

“let’s go to spain, and ride all the king’s horses”

Be creative and follow YOUR own style. When you
connect with a girl creatively like this, you also get
her to join you in that positive state and it’ll be
easier to get her out on a real date.

Try it out for yourself and feel free to comment
below on whether it worked for you or if you found
a cool, fun way to start a text conversation.

Not being fun is one of the texting mistakes you
might be doing (without even being aware of it).

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